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From pilot to sustainable towns: Satellite cities and metropolitan governance


EAST Publication

European and Asian Sustainable Towns, the publication related to EAST project is available.

The publication was edited by Pascaline Gaborit and published by P.I.E Peter Lang International Academic Publishers in June 2014.


Naya Raipur in the News

India’s Prime Minister elect, Narendra Modi, demonstrated his support for the continued development of Naya Raipur by tweeting: «Â You should go to see how New Paipur has been developed under the leadership of @drramansingh: Narendra Modi. » Naya Raipur Development Authority’s RS 10 crore project aims to highlight the beauty of Naya Raipur and to increase the city’s popularity at the national level. Read more about the projects details here !

Project Management Team

Project Management Team

European New Towns Platform/Pilot cities

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