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    European and Asian Sustainable Towns, the publication related to EAST project is available.

    The publication was edited by Pascaline Gaborit and published by P.I.E Peter Lang International Academic Publishers in June 2014.

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  • Basildon hosted EAST last expert's panel

    During three days, from the 19th to the 21st of March, Basildon council hosted the third and last panel of experts organized in the framework of EAST project. Delegates from Europe and Asia as well as experts discussed about the development of new towns or mature towns as some European cities already developed since the 1950s. It was a great opportunity to share the experience of Basildon which is undertaking the redevolpment of its housing stock and of its city center. The presentations and the minutes of the meeting will shortly be available.


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Project Management Team

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Panel of experts in Qingpu, a successful event!

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The second panel of experts of the EAST project took place in Qingpu, a district located in the southwest of Shanghai, in the beginning of July 2013. Experts from China and around the world met to address the challenges faced by the districts and discussed several topics (industry in the city, heritage, environmental protection, etc.). The minutes and the presentations of the experts are now available (see below).

 Minutes of the meeting

Wang Xunguo, vice Mayor of Qingpu District: " Building Ecological Livable Modern New Qingpu "

Professor Yang Guiqing, college of architecture and urban planning in Tongji University: " Qingpu: Industry and Urban Integration? "

Jean-Pierre Marchetti, former chief executive of intermunicipality of Marne-la-Vallée/Val Maubuée: " industry and city as one, case study of Marne-la-Vallée "

Maximilian Rech, PhD candidate at the graduate school of Global politics Freie Universität Berlin and Renmin University Beijing: " EU-Asia cooperation on municipal solid waste management "

Honoré van Rijswijk, director of Frontwork, urban research, strategy and design: " industry for the city "

Yogesh Agashe, Urban Planner (India): " Sustainable Urban Development, the equilibrium "

Harry den Hartog, Independent urban researcher for Urban Language: " Good practices on sustainable urban development in Chinese New Towns "

Lu Qianlin, director of Shanghai Lake Dianshan New Town Development Company: " Zhujiajiao Old Town "

Rémi Ferrand, architect and urban planner REW urban planning: "Yangtze River Delta & USA , models comparison"

Jeffrey Raven, Director of the Master of Architecture in Urban and Regional Design at the New York Institute of Technology and owner of RAVEN A+U – Architecture + Urban Design: " Shaping resilient communities for the 21st century "